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Locker in Gambir Station

Locker in Gambir Station

If you need information about can you leave your luggage in a storage at the Gambir Station (Jakarta - Indonesia), then the answer is yes. There's pictures, open hours, and rate info (in Rupiah) of the locker rooms if you read on.

There are 2 locker rooms available at Gambir Station. Pick any. They each located around the entrance and exit of the station. I only got one shot of photo at one of the locker rooms:

Locker Room in Gambir Station

This one opens from 5 AM to 8 PM. I don't know about the other one though. If you happens to know about it, please do email me and I might buy you a beer for it.

The locker fees is as follow:

  • 1 Item: IDR 2000 / hour or IDR 15.000 / day
  • 1 Locker: IDR 5000 / hour

It appears that you can change your money too and also buy more credits or voucher for your Indonesian telephone card.