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Remove Text From Desktop Icons

Remove Text From Desktop Icons

There is a time where you have been working with your PC for so long that you don't need any descriptions at all on you desktop icons. Why not removing them? Your desktop will look much cooler with no text under those desktop icons.

To remove the text under those desktop icons, including the Recycle Bin icon, just follow this steps:

  1. Click one of the desktop icon you want to remove the text
  2. Press F2 to rename the selected desktop icon
  3. On the text input box, right-click inside it
  4. Hover or select on 'Insert Unicode control characters'
  5. Choose and click any option that is revealed under the above menu selection
  6. Click outside the desktop icon or press Enter on the keyboard to finish the renaming process.
  7. And you're done

I hate to say this, but there are some grave limitation to this technique, which is, you can't apply the same character to any other desktop icons. So you have to choose different characters for each next desktop icon you want to remove the text. Therefore, you are limited to a maximum 17 desktop icons with no text.

Though there are other methods to remove the desktop icon text, like, renaming them with space characters, that method will leave dots instead. That is not exactly clean.

Oh, I use this technique on Windows 7. So I don't know if this will work on other Windows OS too. Good luck!



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