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Asobi Seksu Live in Jakarta

Asobi Seksu Live in Jakarta

This American based dream pop band will be playing live in Jakarta, Indonesia on 26 November 2010. It's next week, I can't wait! The venue either will be at the Rasuna Epicentrum Kuningan or SMESCO building, I am not sure for now.

The Indonesian promoter,, is telling that the venue will be the SMESCO building in Gatot Subroto (see map), but the Asoby Seksu page on MySpace says it otherwise...

Asobi Seksu

Their music are as they described, could be categorized as dream pop. But to me as a fan of Pink Floyd, I could only see it as psychedelic. Their choices of instruments and sounds in their albums are very much varied but easy to hear as in pop music.

After hearing their albums; Asobi Seksu, Hush, and Citrus, my favorite songs are Strawberries and Blind Little Rain. They are filled with catchy phrases and sounded like an old, classy song. They make your mood hyped but not too much. Just enough to make you out of the bedroom and walk outsideand observe the world rotates slowly enough to make the day became 36 hours.

I couldn't describe a song well enough though, so I will share that 2 songs:

Blind Little Rain

Another thing that I like from them is that some of the songs were written in Nihongo. You will notice that when you hear Strawberries. Even though they are an American musician, Yuki Chikodate still uses her native language.

I hope they bring their Christmas lights here too!

Well, enough said, see you at the concert!