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Jakarnaval 2010

Jakarnaval 2010

A big cultural parade will be held to celebrate the 483rd anniversary of Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, on Sunday afternoon, June 27th 2010. Maybe like last year, it will took place at the main road between Monas and Bundaran HI (see map). It's free so feel free on going there.

Make sure you know where to park somewhere outside the vicinity since the main road will be blocked and believe me, you don't want to get caught in the traffic jam.

Lots of people will be there so keep an eye out of your belongings too.

Not much info are given from the official, but pretty much less it would be the same as last year's Jakarnaval parade. My guess is they will start parading at 3 p.m. If you want to take photos or pictures, you should be early at the location because as the sun goes down, the street lamps are not too friendly with low ISO cameras. And so, you wouldn't get much good photos when it's getting dark. Oh yeah, don't worry about bringing huge DSLR camera and other photography stuffs. There will be many people like that lingering around the parade.

Maybe the photos that I took to at last year's parade would be helpful to give you the hunch of what the parade might looked like:

Jakarnaval Crowds 1

Jakarnaval Crowds 2

Jakarnaval Reog Parade

Jakarnaval Reog Mask

Jakarnaval Parade Girl

Also some videos but not taken by me. Credits for the uploader:

I'll be there so see you at the Jakarnaval :)