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Fotografer dot Net

Fotografer dot Net

While Flickr keeps reminding me about my expiring Pro account, I joined, a local famous online photo sharing. Could this be my new haven for photo dumping? Some of its features are really interesting though.

I decided (today, who knows for tomorow) not to extend my Flickr Pro account because the 200 photo limitation forces me to learn in choosing a good photo from thousands other. Thus it helps me to learn to see my own photo's value and coldheartedly discard those who have not.

Back to is the most famous online photo sharing website that serves for Indonesian or people who speaks Bahasa Indonesia only. There is no multilingual feature on the site for other language speakers, so either use online translator service or get out. Fotografer is Indonesian for photographer. So the name suggest that only serious photographers that are welcomed to join the exclusive community, though that is not the case. offers 3 types of annual pay memberships; 20$ Bronze, 40$ Silver, and 70$ Gold. Each of them differs on restriction for how many times you can upload photos daily. You even can get POP3 email address at the same domain. Or personalized website with your uploaded photos automatically feed to the provided template. They seem to be emphasizing on the email and personal website stuffs more.

If you are one of the cheapskates like me, then you only get to upload one photos a day with 250 KB limitation and dimensions where 900 pixels as the maximum length. I am not sure if the size and dimension limit affects the paying membership too because they didn't mention it. This sucks because I had to resize my pictures and make sure they didn't exceed the bytes limit every time I want to upload.

When you became a member, you have points beside your username. You get points when you upload photo, give comment, take comment, and other activities. I thought it was like CrunchyRoll's CR Points where you get to trade them with memberships and stuffs (or Rapidshare's Premium points). But unlike CR Points,'s member point seems to have no use at all. There is no page that tells what trade you can get with those accumulated points. Too bad, if I could trade my points with a membership account maybe I would spend more of my time there. Member Points

Not only you'll get member points, your photos also got points as well. Like member points, they have no real use. But maybe the daily featured front page photos had something to do with this. As the photos with highest point will be likely be selected as the best photo of the day. But why giving hints on their judging algorithms? Flickrites (mostly the new ones) also have these syndrome called Explored. At first you might figure that photos with massive amounts of comments would be Explored, but that is not always the case. Good luck on figuring out how the Explore works, there are many Flickr group discussion on it and it is an endless discussion for sure. Photo Points

The photo commenting system is a one way communication. Photo owner couldn't give feedback to the comments received. I have to say that this is really interesting. Because when you know the owner wouldn't be able to reply to what you said, you will got the urges to give critics and avoid endless discussion to what you just said against the owner's defend. But of course, this feature would also eliminates the little friendly chit chats between fellow photographers.

There's a funny rule stating you have to give 2 comments before you can upload a photo. Imagine the time wasted when uploading 10 photos... Oh wait..  You can't.

Yet despite those tight restricting rules, is a great site that provides most Indonesian photographers most of their needs with photography trends and information sharing. The forum is the one that I use alot to get fresh information about what's going on here in Indonesia, particularly Jakarta. Foreign photographers who need info about shooting photos in Indonesia definitely should check with Google Translate service. The members are also very welcome to kindly answer your questions at the forum.