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So Ra No Wo To Anime

So Ra No Wo To Anime

I was really taken aback with So Ra No Wo To (ソ・ラ・ノ・ヲ・ト). It left me with mixed feelings on how to judge the anime. The background plot weaved for the storyline seems to be left incomplete, but the presentation to make the final result was perfect. I merely giving my opinions, so this writings would be effective reading material if only you have watched the entire anime.

Music plays a crucial part in this anime, as the main character who is a perfect pitch gifted 15 years old girl is an army bugle player. If you have watched it, I'm sure you'll grew accustomed to the song Amazing Grace. That's why I provided you with this beautiful music :)

This solo trumpet part is played by Ottaviani. It's not a clip or soundtrack from Sora no Oto (So Ra No Wo To or Sora no Woto - they all valid). No relation at all, except it is the same song and played with the same type of instrument.

When you start watching the first episode, you'll get a feeling that Sora no Oto will contain more on moe pleasures or cute behaviours of its loli characters. After few of the next episodes, you'll find yourself asking where will the story goes as it continues with an even mixtures of light dramas, comedy, fan service, and character building.

At this stage, you might think, 'Umm ok, this is taking different directions from K-On'. But I felt that the story evolve at the same pace with K-On, which is what Kureha always saying to Kanata. Lax!

If you are expecting action thrills or complex stories, you might quit watching Sora no Woto after the 5th ot 6th episode, since it seems going nowhere in particular. But if you didn't stop and led to the next series, the pace must have gotten into you and you are getting used to it. That is why the 12th or last episode kicks in and draws so much impact to the whole episodes of Sora no Oto even when the ending plot is not as exciting or thrilling than it should be. It even looked like the story was rushed and cramped to the last minute.

Kanata, Noel, and Kureha on underwears

Kanata, Noel, and Kureha sleeping together

Kureha sleeping

Aisha Aldola surviving

The world of Sora no Oto is strange and you will start asking yourself about it since the beginning of the anime. Kanata Sorami, the main heroine, is a 15 years old girl drafted to the military on her way to the frontline defense post. She is gifted with perfect pitch but took 6 months to learn a bugle which is her sole purpose on joining the army where she could get music lessons for free. But I will stop those incomprehensibility issues because Sora no Oto is more about the emotions. How the movie will touch your feelings is more important than filling up your brain with complicated details. It is also, maybe, to make it more of a fantasy world, since they don't make sense.

Fantastic ending, I must say. Even when it all seems to be rushed. Even when it easily reminds you of one of classic Ghibli movie with Ohmus involved. In summary, I love it so much because it simply tells how music can be so powerful to affect people's life.

Kanata Sorami Plays Trumpet


*Random Opinions*

  • The opening credit for the first episode is really nicely done. It complements the conversation between Filicia and Kureha about how Rio got picked to be the fire maiden (Near the end of the episode).
  • I felt like watching an OVA on the last episode. The plot style was so completely different from other episodes! It was tightly packed that the episode didn't have its usual opening and ending cutscene.
  • The scene where Kanata played her bugle so badly on the mourning routine. Expressions of the townspeople made me think of how my neighbours reacted when I first got the electric guitar.


This is my first post regarding a review or personal impressions for a movie (in this case, anime). Thank you for giving it a shot.