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I Want Olympus Pen

I Want Olympus Pen

I use Canon and am the guy who wouldn't bother to defend the name in front of a Nikon dude. But there is two brands that I would stood up for its name, even when I don't own them; Leica and Olympus Pen. I really want them!

I love street photography. Your subject is something that came out unplanned, almost in an unsuspecting scene, things that your sense bursting and yelling at your brain, 'This is the one! This is the one!', to have your hands quickly at the shutter button.

Never occurs to me on that revelation that, 'Thanks God I use a Canon for this', or 'I wish I used a Nikon because I would look more like an experienced photographer because Canon would produce an image whose tones could be gotten easily with a 5 years old child. Oh look, that kid with a Nikon is smirking at me now. Oh no, oh no.'.

It's not the camera that decided the result. Well of course if you have the brain smaller than their sensors which means the camera digital chip have intelligence far greater than you. But that's not the point: It's you who decide what the result would be.

But it's so stupid how I gotten to be infatuated by the new micro four third cameras that Olympus made, the Pen series. Their advertisements seems to be calling just for me..

If you ever done a photowalk with a photography club or community, you would probably ends up with that camera guy with the 8 pocket camera bag, 15 lenses, flak jacket, shirt with bold 'I am a photographer' words, khaki shorts, Croc sandals, checking out the Blackberry phone constantly...

Kevin Spacey seems to be suggesting that, fuck all that. Why don't we all just take pictures (with an Olympus Pen)!

Camera child, picture wow? Reminds me of those days where shutter speed, apperture, iso, crop factor, rule of thirds were all an unfamilar terms in my head.

 Point and Shoot is a crime? Unless you are using a 5D Mark II or 7D, it isn't. I know that DSLR users are wasting their money if they use the M mode. But.. Auto mode and the beep beep sound when your L lens focuses? Lame-O.

 Other Spacey's Olympus Pen Commercial...

 If Kevin Spacey didn't take your heart to the Olympus Pen, 宮崎あおい (Miyazaki Aoi) will.


Buy Olympus Pen E-PL1Oh yeah, the new Olympus E-PL1 will be on sale this March 2010! You can order now for $599 at Amazon and have them sent to you by the day they are out!