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Adjustable Focal Glasses

Adjustable Focal Glasses

Trufocals glasses able to change it's focus point to see close and far objects, adjustable through its easy to access tiny slider on the bridge of the frame. The first of its kind.

You might remember the glasses that Joshua Silver invented: The Adaptive eyecare? Well, this one is built for those who afford to spend more that 800$.

TruFocals Glasses Spec
TruFocals Spesifications

Each lens (left and right side) consists of a couple of lenses where the outer side is a fixed & firm lens with a corrective distance prescription, and the inner side is a flexible lens which has a transparent distensible membrane. he pocket between them holds a small quantity of crystal clear fluid. As you move the slider on the bridge, it pushes the fluid and alters the shape of the flexible lens. Changing the shape changes the correction. This mimics the way the lenses in your eyes used to perform when you were younger.

TruFocals Advertising
TruFocals Glasses

Besides for the adjustable focus, it will also looks good on you too! Old school round lens :D


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