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Doraemon - Common Sense for the Common Sense

Doraemon - Common Sense for the Common Sense

Ever think that Doraemon is actually a robot?

 Of course you know that he is a robot but did you ever realize except for running out of battery, he doesn’t behave like a robot at all. Doraemon can sleep or eat or laugh or cry or scared or  many other things that humans do or feel or just do as it is since it’s the nature of human being but which is not true in the case of Doreaemon since he is a robot after all. Robots do not need those kinds of un necessities as they would contradict their own very reason of existence which the creator themselves, humans, haven’t a clue for what reasons they have existed for million millions of years. Robots are meant to help humans and obey them without any day off. That’s why they are absolutely different from humans. But how could Doraemon can be himself and still be called a robot?

In spite of all the human behaviour that Doraemon can do, one know for sure that it requires a non-human capability to endure Nobita’s never ending you-know-what’s-gonna-happen-in-the-end-demands every day and every night. Who doesn’t want a friend like that ? We all need a Doraemon by our side. But look on the far side, the friend that we actually need is an unattended body without a soul who can still be our friend to talk to. Just like talking with your cell phone without another human being on the other end of the line instead being picked up by an automated answering machine who keeps ensuring you that the machine knows what your intention by giving those nice and friendly suggestion for what number you want to dial next and then repeat it all over again in case you not sure what number you want to dial next.
Doreaemon is different. He does not have a routine that he had to repeat it over and over again each time Nobita came to him. If so, it could be on and on like ,’press 1 for doko demo doa or press 2 for take koputaa or press 3…,’ until he reaches the bottom of his endless boundary of magic pocket. He grasp the whole situation first and then gives the solution to Nobita. It doesn’t mean that Doraemon can ‘think’ like humans do. He’s a mere robot. Inside him runs millions of data coming in and out computed by the computer. It is the basic of computers to have input, process then output and input, process then output and input, process then output as much as the user wanted no matter how irritating they are. Also, it is the basic of the computer just to answer yes or no. To humans, yes or no most often not considered an answer. ‘How did you feel ? No’, ‘what is that ? yes’, ‘are you out of your mind ? no’.
It doesn’t make sense if the computer could only answer questions with limited options. That’s why computers needed to be developed to give satisfactions that meets the satisfactions that human needs. Making this is easy, but it is generally hard to know what makes humans satisfy. So to achieve this, first the computer have to define what human actually is, in order to accomplish the easy part which is to make human satisfy. And it is not easy.
Human sense is much more complicated than computer sense. For example, guys, they stand still if a guy touches them. And they stand up a bit when a girl touches them. And they even stand up more higher when a super blonde sexy bikini babe touches them. It’s not just the touch that makes the difference, but also the eye, and then the imagination. Still, to computers they just like, ‘a guy touches? Yes’, ‘a girl touches? Yes’, ‘a super blonde sexy bikini babe touches? Yes’. To understand humans, computers needs to be able to provide this kind of answer for question 3, ‘warning: main processor’s cooling fan is not adequate’. We need to give a bit of human sense in computer sense. This may well open up an opening to let new problems in. So why do we need computer if they acted so perfectly like humans when we had just enough other humans around us who gives us in the first place the needs of computers as an alternative means of socializing without humans. This is the perfectly common sense to issues that doesn’t make sense by adding dilutions that nonsensical to the original issues but only because it is plausible. So why would we care? Nonetheless we are human. What we do is doesn’t make sense and we are trying to do is make more of it just to make it feels like it makes more sense.
Things could be more complicated the more you think about it. We do not need to bother what kind of implications can be done by the presence of a real Doraemon in this real world. Really. As long as it is cute no harm done, well, at least when no one really notices about it.
The terms for those to be Doraemon-like robots are studied in a field called artificial intelligence. Yes, you’ve read it right, intelligence. And it is artificial.
God made humans based on God himself. Creating an artificial Intelligence doesn’t mean you have to make a form out of the blue. Just make it like yourself, because you are an intelligent living being, right?