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Cheng Hoo Mosque Surabaya

Cheng Hoo Mosque Surabaya

I was really intrigue by this so called Cheng Hoo mosque which is a mixture between Chinese and Javanese culture style of architecture. To my surprise, it's small and not really good.

The location is at the middle of housing complex in Gading street, Near Adi Husada hospital.

cheng hoo,mosque,masjid

cheng hoo,mosque,surabaya,masjid


My bad impression of this mosque was added when a guy who claimed to be the man in charge asked for my permission to shoot pictures of the mosque. The mosque itself like any other is free to enter and any Moslem could go there and make their praying there. He suggest explicitely that I give some money for donation to the mosque quite politely.

Spending money or donations too take pictures of the mosque is not worthy. Just shoot quickyly as there are not much to shoot anyway, or take it from outside the fence.

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