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Canon EOS 500D

Canon EOS 500D

Canon EOS 500D is a line-up of Canon's entry level DSLR camera but equipped with the most cutting edge technology that could be find on the higher level cameras.

Canon EOS 500D Body Back

Key Features of this camera is:

  • 15.1 million effective pixels (MP)
  • Newly designed APS-C-sized CMOS sensor
  • 3-inch, 920.000 dot LCD screen
  • 1080p (Full HD) video recording at 20fps
  • Continuous shooting rate at 3.5 fps
  • Expandable ISO from 50 up to 12.800.
  • Digic 4 Processor

 As you can see from the key features that almost bring resemblance to Canon EOS 50D, Canon positioned the 500D above it's predecessor the 450D and below 40D (20D and 30D are still used in amateur or professional works).

Exactly in the same numbers as the 50D; 15.1 MP / LCD screen / ISO / Digic 4, it is not entirely the same capability between the two cameras. The sensor used in the 500D is a completely newly designed, but with a quality below the 50D with circuitry between the photocells are reduced and the microlenses are not gapless.

The second boasted capability the 500D has is the ability to record videos in full HD. Now Canon have both 5D II and 500D as the camera with video recording capability. Despite having a Digic 4 image processor, it records 1080p videos at 20fps instead of 30fps like the 5D II.

This camera has all the needs and things that wouldn't be needed yet for a beginner photographer. So it is a good choice for people who had dedicated to advance from the first step to a higher level. Travellers might find this camera helpful by it's small size compared with the bodies of 40D lines. The video recording capability also helps to eliminate the necessity to bring a second video camera while the main passion is making high quality photos.