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Lamb of God Wrath Tour Indonesia

Lamb of God Wrath Tour Indonesia

The Lamb Of God Wrath Tour in Indonesia was like a blitzkrieg; fast, sharp and piercing. They did 3 songs from their new album Wrath, and most of the rest are from the Ashes of the Wake and Sacrament.

The front gate was opened about 6:00 pm and it was raining since then. Luckily the devil set loose and made the water stop and the air hot when it was time for the Lamb of God took the stage about 9:00 pm.

 They didn't play my favorite song which the first one that got me hooked up so much with the Lamb Of God's music. It was 'The Faded Line'. But I'm still happy because they played my second favorite song, 'Laid To Rest'.

The stacks of Mesa are making the sounds awesome, but it is hard to hear Mark Morton's guitar sound because his position is on the furthest right of the stage while I was in the left section of the front row.

Randy Blithe's comments for the Indonesian audience are awesome, he made remarks as the rowdiest in their Asian tour ^^ He also promises to come here again when the sales of the Wrath album is good as their Sacrament :)

Willie Adler

 John Campbell

Willie Adler & Randy Blythe

Randy Blythe & Mark Morton,

Not shooting with my DSLR camera means I can take video too with this point & shoot camera :) Here I record them playing one full song of 'Set To Fail' from the Wrath album. But the recorded sound are really in a bad quality.

 Some of Randy Blythe's in-between-songs talks

I almost managed to got Mark's guitar pick when he threw it, but my right hand was occupied by the camera and it dropped outside the separator in front of me where some security shit immediately tooked it away >_< They managed to got fallen of stuffs from the stage and sell it to the crowds. At the end, they trade it to the audience for about 50.000 to 300.000 Indonesia Rupiah (IDR).

Here are the songs that were played:

  • Hourglass 
  • Laid To Rest 
  • Walk With Me In Hell 
  • Pathetic 
  • Set To Fail 
  • Ruin 
  • Now You've Got Something To Die For 
  • Descending 
  • Fake Messiah 
  • Blacken The Cursed Sun 
  • Dead Seeds 
  • Omerta 
  • Vigil 
  • Redneck 
  • Black Label