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Skip Web Site Registering

Skip Web Site Registering

There are plenty of websites out there who gives their contents for free to the public. But most of them requires to register yourself first and made you fill those boring forms and remembering another password/username combo. You can skip them with these tips.

Firefox and Internet Explorer user can use a service from BugMeNot to pass the registration and instead, login to the site with existing username from the BugMeNot stockpiles of username/password list.

Firefox user can install the extension from here. Just click the 'Add to Firefox' button, Accept & Install from the opened dialog box, the restart the browser. Next thing you do if you are brought into a login page, just right-click the username or password input box and select 'login with BugMeNot'.

Some attempts might not work so when that happens you have to repeat the proccess again. It probably happened because BugMeNot have old and expired username account data of that particular site.